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YMCA Enhancements

Published 12.01.18 12:00 pm

You may have noticed a few enhancements throughout the YMCA building and the property. We painted the kids club room, cleared brush in a portion of our woods to help clean up the property, and improved the lighting in our racquetball and PIT rooms. There are many other small things that we have done over the last few months. We also have some very exciting enhancements coming over the next few weeks. 

We are happy to announce that we are getting a wi-fi upgrade throughout the YMCA. This includes a much better and stronger signal in the wellness center. Once you walk into the YMCA you should be connected to our wi-fi network and you should have it no matter where you are in the building. The second major enhancement we are bringing to the YMCA is brand new Precor Selectorize weight machines in the wellness center. We hope to have the machines by late December or early January. We are extremely excited about this change as it replaces our oldest weight equipment. This will, however, result in us moving away from fitlinxx as a work-out tracker. We have put a plan in place for you to still track your work outs at the YMCA! For more information about the changes with equipment read the FAQ below. We hope to have a few more improvements through the coming months and year as we are able. 


New Equipment FAQ

  1. Why is the Y removing FitLinxx?

Great question! We have several reasons for moving away from FitLinxx at this time:

  • FitLinxx as a company is removing their kiosk based system in the near future, so it was only a matter of time before we had to remove FitLinxx from our machines.
  • The software that runs FitLinxx is no longer being updated, so it is not very user-friendly and has issues often.
  • The time has come for us to replace our weight training equipment, but the new equipment is not compatible with FitLinxx. We had to decide between getting new, safer, easier-to-use equipment and hanging on to FitLinxx for a couple more years.
  • FitLinxx as a system is limited- as you work out, you become stronger and more flexible. However, FitLinxx does not update as you are able to lift more weight or as you gain a greater range of motion.


  1. Will there be another way for us to track our workouts?

YES! We will be offering a pen-and-paper workout tracker. Here’s how it works:

  1. To start, you’ll get a folder with your name on it in the filing cabinet where the FitLinxx kiosk used to be
  2. Each week, you’ll get a blank “Workout Tracker”
  3. During the week, you’ll fill in your workout information and any classes you attend
  4. If you are interested, at the end of each week you can place your tracker in the provided box and Wellness Staff will total up your weight, cardio minutes and distance, and class attendance.
  5. Each month, we will post the names of the people who lift the most weight, log the most cardio minutes, and attend the most classes.

If that doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, there are several apps you can download to track your workouts, including GymBook, FitBod, MapMyFitness, and MyFitnessPal.


  1. How will I learn how to use the new equipment?

Our wellness staff is excited to set you up on the new equipment! Just grab whoever is behind the front desk, and they’ll take you around to each machine and make sure the settings are right for your height. Fortunately, the new machines perform exactly the same exercises as the old machines! There are two machines we will not be replacing, the ab crunch and the glute press. The ab crunch has been found to be a less effective abdominal workout compared to other exercises, and can actually strain the neck and shoulders if used improperly. The glute press is not as widely used as the other pieces, and the workout it provides can be easily replicated with other exercises, which the wellness staff will be happy to show you!


  1. When will the new equipment get here?

The new equipment is slated to arrive sometime in late December or January. However, regardless of when the new equipment arrives, FitLinxx will be removed from our machines by January 1.


  1. I still have questions, who should I talk to?

Payton Williams

 (336) 474-5256 / / office upstairs in the Wellness Center

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