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Swim Lessons

Y-USA has rolled out their new swim lesson program and guess what—WE ARE OFFERING IT! This program uses a building block approach for swimming and puts extra emphasis on SAFETY in and around the pool. 

In this building block format, we will focus on skills that help the swimmer feel most comfortable first, adding new skills when they are ready. We will start with basics like submerging and bubbles, then add floating and gliding. Once those basic skills are accomplished, we will start to add strokes.

Class names will be different too! Our new STAGES will be numbered so there are no questions about where to go next.

Click this link to follow our flow chart so you know which stage you or your child need to be in. 

Youth Group Swim Lessons 

Adult Group Swim Lessons  

Private Swim Lessons (any age)

The YMCA Staff is following CDC Guidelines in regards to COVID-19 and public swimming pools.
  • Please follow directions for entry and exit points into and out of the pool.
  • Temperatures will be checked for every person entering the building. Please check-in.
  • Parents, please be prepared to wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Bring children ready to swim and help limit locker room interactions.
  • Extra time has been added between classes for equipment switchover.
  • Extra cleaning is taking place.
  • If, at any point, you begin to show symptoms, are diagnosed, or have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, please contact the YMCA immediately.


  • You can register online or at the Y.
  • Registration will begin first thing on the first day of registration (12:00am online or 5:30am at the Y).
  • Space is limited in each class. If class is full we encourage you to sign up for the wait list.
  • Youth classes last 30 minutes and Adult class lasts an hour.

Register Now


November Lessons:

Registration opens October 20th

4 lessons, 30 minutes each, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Lesson dates: November 3rd, 5th, 10th, and 12th


SCHOOL AGE SWIM LESSONS: (age Kindergarten- age 14) 

November Lesson Schedule:
5:00-5:30pm - Stage 3 (Water Stamina)
5:40-6:10pm - Stage 4 (Stroke Introduction)
6:20-6:50pm - Stage 1/2 (Water Movement)

Registration Fee: $15 for Finch Y Members*    $40 for Non-Members*

*Must pay Registration Fee at the time of Registration. 

ADULT SWIM LESSONS: (ages 15 years & older) 

Currently unavailable. Check back in the future for these dates!

Parent/Child Swim Lessons: (ages 6 months to 3 years)

Currently unavailable. Check back in the future for these dates!

Each session consists of 4 lessons, 30 minutes each, 2 times a week.

Monday/Wednesday evenings 5:15-5:45

Registration Fee: $15 for Finch Y Members    $40 for Non-Members

-Each child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

-Swim diapers for children not yet potty trained are required.

-Anyone entering the pool must have proper swum attire such as a bathing suit.

-This class is designed to help acclimate young children to the water within their comfort zone by having someone they trust with them. This should not be used as a replacement for the best defense against drowning, actively watching your children in the water. This class will not "drown proof" your child.



Private swim lessons are intended for those persons seeking individual, one-on-one attention, and/or a less self-conscious environment than may be present during group lessons.  We also offer Semi-Private lessons for those persons seeking smaller group instruction than during regular group lessons. Private and semi-private swim lessons are scheduled during YMCA operational hours at times convenient to student and instructor.  

Private Swim Lesson Fees:

Finch Y Members Non-Members
$20 per 30-minute lesson $30 per 30-minute lesson
$30 per 1 hour lesson $50 per 1 hour lesson
$80 per 4 session package (45 min.) $130 per 4 session package (45 min.)
$80 per 6 session package (30 min.) $130 per 6 session package (30 min.)

Semi-Private Swim Lesson Fees:

Interested parties are responsible for assembling a group for semi-private group lessons.

Finch YMCA Members:   $115 for 2 swimmers – 6 session package (30 min.)

                                   $150 for 3 swimmers – 6 session package (30 min.)

Non Members:              $165 for 2 swimmers – 6 session package (30 min.)

                                   $200 for 3 swimmers – 6 session package (30 min.)


**Swimmers must be age 8 and over to participate in lessons lasting 45 minutes or longer.**

All lessons, regardless of package must be paid for for in full prior to the beginning of the first lesson. All lesson packages expire after 3 months of purchase. Late arrivals are not guaranteed additional time to make up for their tardiness. Extra time will be given at the instructor's discretion. Failure to notify your instructor you cannot attend a scheduled lesson will result in a loss of lesson. All lessons will take place during YMCA operational hours at times that are convenient to the instructor and participant, but not as to interfere with YMCA aquatic programs such as water aerobics, swim lessons, or swim team practices. 

If you have any questions about our swim lesson program, please contact Alex Laughlin, Swim Instruction Coordinator at




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