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PIT Boot Camp


Our Boot Camps are high-intensity sessions that work on improving strength and conditioning.

Using practical movements like running, jumping, pushing, pulling, lifting and throwing; participants can build endurance, power, speed and strength.

Our trainers will make sure that you don’t get bored and neither will your muscles.

  • Mondays (9:15am) - Brandi
  • Mondays (6:30pm) - Brandi
  • Tuesdays* (6:00pm) - Allen
  • Wednesdays (9:15am) - Brandi
  • Wednesdays (6:30pm) - Linda
  • Thursdays (6:30pm) - Jamie
  • Fridays (5:30am) - Linda   
  • Saturdays (10:30am) - Brandi 

Boot Camps are 1 session per week for 4 weeks. Sessions last 1 hour.

COST:  $17 per boot camp

Registration begins on the 15th of every month. (7:00am)

Sessions begin July 1, *except for Tuesday, which will begin July 11.





**Walk-ins are welcome IF there are spaces in Boot Camps that do not fill up.  You can register as a walk-in for just 1 day if you like.  Boot Camp rosters are posted outside of the PIT.  Walk-ins can fill up available spots that are posted.  The walk-in fee for one session is $6.00. Check with the Member Service Desk for the most up to date rosters and/or to register for a session.

Participants MUST BE Y members and at least 16 years old.

To run a Boot Camp we need a minimum of 6 participants but there is a maximum of 9. 



If you have any questions contact Beth Atkins, Director of Healthy Living, at 474-5256 or

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