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Personal Training

Need someone to assist and encourage you to reach your fitness goals?  Then you might benefit from a personal trainer and the Y has several staff members certified to help you. Personal trainers can also help individuals with special needs including those with injuries, pregnant women and the elderly.  Gym veterans interested in learning new exercises and athletes who want to improve their skills can also benefit from a trainer. Sessions are scheduled at times that are convenient for both trainer and client.    

Individual personal training sessions are available in one-half hour and one-hour sessions. 

One hour sessions Y Member Non-Member 1/2 hour sessions Y Member Non-Member
1 Session $30 $45 1 Session $22 $33
5 Session Package $140 $210 5 Session Package $100 $150
10 Session Package $260 $390 10 Session Package $185 $280
20 Session Package $480 $720 20 Session Package $340 $510

If you are interested in working with a trainer, contact Stephanie Griffin, Wellness Manager at 474-5249 or  She will discuss your goals with you and put you in touch with one of our trainers.

You must speak with Stephanie first before signing up or paying for a session.

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