Tom A. Finch Community YMCA

Our Board

The YMCA is governed by a group of volunteers. Our board members offer their time and expertise, and we are very appreciative of their commitment and service.  If you have the chance, tell them thanks for making a difference!

The 2017 Board of Directors are:

Tracy Brinkley – Chairperson of the Board

Ken Hanner – Vice Chairperson

Sara Faulkner – Secretary

Don Clinard – Treasurer

Barbara Ewings
Brandon Byerly
Chad Brinkley
Charlotte Yandell
Janet Smith
Julie Byrd
Julio Santillan
Mary Henry
Melissa York
Phil Kanoy
Philip Young
Prentice Weldon
Rhonda Reedy
Sandy McGhee
Terri Matthews
Twanna Robinson
Vince Brown
Willy Bigirande

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