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Medical Wellness Sessions

As we now have written communication and in adherence to the Governor’s Executive Order 151 and meeting requirements as dictated by the NC Department of Health and Human Services, the Tom A. Finch Community YMCA’s Wellness Center is now available for members possessing a “prescription to exercise” from a licensed medical professional.

Please review the following requirements carefully as they will be implemented.


  • Limited to 9 members per session
  • Upon entry, will be administered a questionnaire/temperature check by the Member Service Staff
  • Must provide Wellness Staff with a copy of their “Prescription to Exercise” on initial visit
  • Access to the Family Locker Rooms
  • Towels will not be available
  • Required to adhere to mandated social distancing and Wellness cleaning protocol while in our YMCA



Session 1             6:15-7:15am

Session 2             12:15-1:15pm

Session 3             5:45pm-6:45pm


Session 1             8:15-9:15am

Session 2             10:15-11:15am


Who is considered a “medical professional”?

The NC DHHS defines medical professional as licensed physicians, licensed physician’s assistants or nurse practitioners, licensed nurses, licensed chiropractors, licensed dietitians, licensed respiratory care therapists, licensed psychologists, licensed clinical mental health counselors, licensed  occupational therapists, licensed physical therapists, licensed recreational therapists, and licensed massage therapists.

This definition does not include personal trainers, unlicensed masseurs or body work therapists, or other unlicensed persons that may provide advice about health.

Am I required to disclose my disability or medical reasons for prescribed exercise?

We respect our members’ right to privacy. While a written prescription is required, the member or medical provider is not required to disclose the reason, medical information, or disability.

Does this mean the Y is fully open for business?

No. It is our intent to provide access to members who need our support urgently for their physician-directed care, in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order and meeting or exceeding all recommendations and requirements of the CDC, NC DHHS and local health departments.


Further inquires to be made to Linda Fitzgerald at 336-475-5243 or Darlene Fitzgerald at 336-474-5244.


Register Online or by calling the Member Service Desk at 336-475-6125


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